Flash’s Review : Kaiji

Hey guys, I am Flash, the dude that looks over most of Drago’s stuff before he posts it on the blog, just to make sure everything’s fine before sharing it with the world.Anyway, since this is my first review and I’m not used to it, I thought it would be better to review something most people aren’t familiar with, but I am.So now I find myself writing a review about Kaiji.

Back in the good ol’ ninet…nope.Back in 2012 I heard the first time about Kaiji on some part of the MyAnimeList forums (sadly, they don’t pay for advertisements) and I was instantly interested, so let’s see how it fares out

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Hyperdimension Neptunia

The Neptunia franchise has slowly established itself within our own dimension’s  “Gamindustri” and has received it’s fair share of critics.  Some of the aspects that were being criticized were well earned and based on objective reasoning but a great number of them were based on nothing but misguided hate and a general lack of understanding of what this franchise was all about.

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