Hyperdimension Neptunia

The Neptunia franchise has slowly established itself within our own dimension’s  “Gamindustri” and has received it’s fair share of critics.  Some of the aspects that were being criticized were well earned and based on objective reasoning but a great number of them were based on nothing but misguided hate and a general lack of understanding of what this franchise was all about.

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10 Anime with a disappointing ending

I’m sorry for the lack of content this week . I had one of the most exhausting exams in my entire life. So, one of my friends recently finished Guilty Crown.He liked the story but he almost broke his laptop when he saw the ending, he was disappointed that the last episode ruined the entire anime.So for him, and for you my readers as well I created a list of good anime that had a shitty  ending .BE WARNED THAT THIS ARTICLE WILL CONTAIN A FUCKTON OF SPOILERS, obviously.

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